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    Alleen vanop hoog gestoelte kan men luidkeels kraaien, maar daarvoor is volk en stilte nodig. Verf vervangt hier alles!


    Meganck is an all-round artist.IN 1968 he made his debut with a collection of poems named Orchis. Only one year later te College of Education in Ghent selected his poetry to be given as memorial volume to the students of the year 1968-1969.Soon Meganck switched to painting, where he portrayed the colours of his own world view. His first works were material paintings and graphic studies. Being a searcher, he quickly overcame the resistance of materials and venture works in mixed media.He also took up het challenge of manipulating threedimensional formss and used metal constructions as methaphors for abstract thinking.This primary period of intensive searching, experimenting and tasting was successfully compledted with a fisrst series of oil paintings; the press unanimously considered ‘Man and Woman in Purlple’ to be his best and most promising word.Then followed a short period of landscape paintings, which the artist struggled throufg in a very original way.He interpreted and developed the landscape in a distinct style.Both forms and colours remained elementary because of the tangibility of het subject. In 1974, however, the artist threw off te yoke of the experiment and from this moment, his art anchored in his name and vice versa.Apart from a few material paintings, he mainly opts for oils now, and the human being is central in his work.The painter analyses mand and integrates him in his own image.Strange creatures appear which, apparently chained in their dark environment, caught in the gibberish of the unconscious, suffer an intolerable pain and cry out for rescue. This lugubrious reality turns into surrealism.‘Morbid details fascinate and repel. The thought of death is predominant’.His metaphysical anxiety to understand man, tot catch the uncatchable, to figure out the end of man’s destiny becomes ever more coercive.The paintings give us a feeling of ‘unheimlichkeit’. We run off, but we come back. Is the way to the essence of things not the way to alienation?Throughout the years his style becomes more mature and his works lead their own existence free from any concrete restrictions.From 1975 onwards, Meganck also models clay sculptures. Like his paintings, they are creations of lonely, sexless creatures the piercing expressions of which reflect sublimated desires. More and more, this kind of plastic expression forms an essential part of the artist’s work.Finally, in the functional design of jewels and carpets Rudy Meganck’s art is stylized in a most refining way.


    Werk olie op paneel, detail.Occasionele kunsthappening Antwerpen.


    Pas wanneer men begint uit te stijgen boven de wielen van de auto is men op weg om bestuurder te worden van zo'n vroemtuig. Hier bij mijn eerste Buick in 1953...

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